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Oakley House Training and Support Centre addresses the need for specialist training in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and Inclusive Education.

Our aim is to share our in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience by providing a comprehensive programme of accredited courses for teachers, student teachers, teaching assistants, facilitators and other professionals working within the field of SpLD and Inclusive Education.

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We know what it’s like when your student is not making progress and we understand your frustration.
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If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. – Ignacio Estrada

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Anxiety is defined as intense, persistent, and pervasive concern and fear about everyday situations. Rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, perspiration, and fatigue may occur. In stressful situations such as public speaking or taking a test, anxiety is normal and can be wired positively to keep us safe and motivated. However, when anxiety becomes excessive, all-consuming, and interferes with daily functioning, it is a sign that intervention is needed. We have witnessed a rapid increase in crippling anxiety among adults, adolescents, and young children over the past year. As parents, educators, and professionals, we can certainly benefit from strategies that help us rewire our children's and adolescents' anxious brains, as well as our own.

This conference is aimed at parents, teachers, and other professionals, looking at the effect anxiety has on scholastic performance and specific learning difficulties (SpLD), the effect that SpLD can have on anxiety, as well as how a changed perspective can lessen anxiety around the diagnosis of an SpLD.

We will also explore ways to rewire the anxious brain to channel anxiety in a positive direction instead of having a crippling effect on us as adults, as well as on adolescents and children.

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Carien Maree – Training Centre Team Coordinator and Presenter

Sonja Engelbrecht

Sonja started her career in education in 2007, teaching at a government school for 2 years. She then followed her interest in Learning Support and Inclusive Education and worked as a teacher at a Private Remedial TSSA School for 6 years of which the last three years were spent running a department.
In 2015 Sonja was appointed as the Principal of an ISASA registered Remedial School, specializing in Neuro-Development, Learner Support and Remediation of neurodiverse learners. Sonja is passionate about brain-based learning, thinking skills, and really teaching to learners' needs.
Her continuous mission is to equip teachers across South Africa with the essential skills and knowledge, through continuous professional development, to allow for optimal learning opportunities for all learners in their care.